Dudil is system integrator and provider of software solutions and ODR - Online dispute resolution system, specialize in developing and implementing multi-channel e-business systems

Dudil is proud to present for the first time on the Internet a system to resolve financial disputes online without intervention from another person or entity. Conflicteam is a useful tool and interface for two parties who are entangled in a financial dispute or some other type of financial conflict.



The user interface is an essential factor for end users. In Dudil we believe that the package design of our system is key to its usability of deployment. We create the UI assuming that users have only basic knowledge in computer use, emphasizing simplicity, user friendliness, and intuitive interface. Dudil user-centered design approach, which is implemented in every project. it is a process that focuses on human cognitive factors as they come into play during interactions with our application.

Software Development Agility

To ensure customer satisfaction, the Dudil methodology takes this into account and incorporates these situations into the project development phase. Allows these changes to be incorporated with relative simplicity, and prevents systems from becoming too complex, hard to use, or difficult to support. The main characteristics of this development method are: * Implementing simple modules and breaking concepts and structures down to their basics,
* Having the developer test small sections of code.
* Keeping the time periods between versions short so that benefit can be realized more quickly
* Keeping the customer at the center - The customer is always integrally involved in the development phases

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